General Educational Development

General Educational Developmental & One-on-One Tutorial Preparatory Class


Dominion College prepares students for the General Educational Development (G.E.D) test. Dominion College can also help register students for the G.E.D test with the Ministry of Education.


General Educational Development (or GED) tests focuses on a group of five subject tests which, when passed, certify the examinee to have the Canadian high school-level academic skills other- wise known as Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate within 3 months.


The G.E.D preparatory class comprises of:



Language Arts: Writing:

Dominion College will prepare students in language Arts: Writing that will enhance the student sentence structure, organization, usage and mechanics



Social Studies:

Dominion College will prepare students in social studies that will focus on the North American History, World history, Civics and Government and Economics




Dominion College will prepare G.E.D students in Science that encircle Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science



Language Arts: Reading:

Dominion College will prepare students in language Arts: Reading. This will develop the student’s reading skills. It will also help the student understand and analyze the information from poetry, drama, prose non-friction and friction literatures




Dominion College will prepare G.E.D students in Mathematics that comprises of: Statistics, Data Analysis, Algebra functions and patterns, Number Operations, Number sense and measurement and geometry.



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Dominion College Of Business, Health And Technology (A.K.A. Dominion College) for the G.E.D preparatory class and/or One on One tutorial classes in: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.


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Career & Jobs:

Dominion College partner with Dominion Consult And Health Care Services to assist students with training in CPR & Standard First Aid, Safe Management, Crisis Prevention & Intervention, Pharmacology, Developmental Disabilities, Learning Disorder, and Food Handling. Dominion Consult also provide jobs to qualified candidates with P.S.W & D.S.W Diploma. For more information visit the website:



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