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I don’t know my student I.D. number 2018-05-18T04:41:03+00:00

The student I.D. number is located in your acceptance letter. Please note that student numbers will not be released over the phone by the Administrator. If you have forgotten your student number, you will have to come to the College in person with photo I.D. Alternatively, you may email your full information (full date of birth, address, your course or program name) to info@dominioncollege.com, and the school Administrator will email your student number to you.

When is my tuition due? 2018-05-18T04:40:44+00:00

You will be advised by the Administrator when you tuition is due. Moreover, it will be outlined in the contract

What if I change my mind about attending? 2018-05-18T04:40:20+00:00

You must advice the Administrator about the change and withdraw for a refund according to the school policy for refund

When do I get my student I.D. card? 2018-05-18T04:39:58+00:00

Once you have been accepted, the Administrator will arrange with you to get your photo. Your student I.D. card will be ready after 5 days following your photo been taken.

When do I know if I have been accepted? 2018-05-18T04:39:17+00:00

Admission decision and acceptance packages will be mailed to you immediately decision has been made concerning your application

How do I know if I meet admission requirements? 2018-05-18T04:38:29+00:00

The admission requirement is outlined in the admission tab. Once you have applied, you will receive an acknowledge package from Dominion College Of Business, Health And Technology Inc . You will also be advised when you apply or register.

How do I apply for an exemption? 2018-05-18T04:34:22+00:00

You have 15 working days prior to the start of classes to apply for exemption based on your advanced standing

How do I know that Dominion College Of Business, Health And Technology Inc is a registered Private Career College? 2018-05-18T04:33:21+00:00

You can know by emailing the Ministry of Training Colleges and University at pcc@ontario.ca or call (416) 314-0050